ArchitectMade Candles for Gemini Candleholder, White 4/pack $11.00

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Peter Karpf

Manufacturer: ArchitectMade

Materials: Wax

Dimensions: 9.4" H 0.5" W 0.5" D

Why is it Special?


Inspired by the beauty of possibility, Gemini is a perfect marriage of form and function. Gemini may either stand alone or be arranged in endless combinations; Creativity is the only limit. 

Gemini Candles are handmade candles that are designed for Gemini, a stainless steel candleholder, designed by Danish architect Peter Karpf in 1965. Gemini is designed to allow candles to be the smallest distance apart while still remaining stable. The open, semi-circular design is also modular, as multiple candle holders can be combined to create various patterns and shapes.

Gemini Candles come in a 4 pack and are available in four colours: White, Black, Red, Yellow and Grey. They will burn for up to 3.5-4 hours. Gemini Candles and Candleholder is part of a collection by the Danish manufacturer ArchitectMade