iittala Aalto Bowl 3”, Amethyst $90.00

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Country of Origin: Finland

Designer: Alvar Aalto

Manufacturer: Iittala

Material: Mouth Blown Glass

Dimensions: 3" H

Why is it Special?

Design legend Alvar Aalto’s asymmetrical waves (“aalto” in Finnish) have become a timeless symbol of Nordic interior design since premiering at the 1937 Paris World Fair. The pressed 75mm glass Alvar Aalto bowl is a versatile serving bowl for snacks, candies and condiments. Glass bowl makes the perfect gift. Now available in amethyst, a radiant new hue that transforms from blue to vibrant purple in the light. Mouthblown. The bowl’s shape was originally designed by the iconic Alvar Aalto. Combines well with Teema Powder. Made in Finland.