KINTO KINTO HIBI Chopsticks, Ironwood $31.00

Country of Origin: Japanese Design, Made in the USA

Dimensions: W235 x D10 mm / Approx. 12g, W9.4 x D0.4 in / Approx. 0.03 lb

Materials:  Ironwood

Why is it Special?


HIBI, meaning day to day in Japanese, is designed to be timeless basics for the everyday table. For your daily meals, the 235mm (9.4in) HIBI Chopsticks are practical and decorative utensils, with a length suitable for the dinner table or cooking in the kitchen.

HIBI Chopsticks have an octagonal shape that is rounded towards the tip for a smooth mouthfeel. With just the right thickness they are comfortable to hold, and the fine tips makes it easy to pick food up.

Carefully carved by artisans, and finished with polished beeswax, HIBI Chopsticks have a pleasant, natural, wood feel and an understated, yet sophisticated, design.