KINTO Kinto Slow Coffee Brewer, 4 cups, Black $232.00

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Country of Origin: Japan

Material: Stainless Steel Stand, Porcelain Brewer

Dimensions: Capacity: 700 ml (23.7 oz)

Why is it Special?

You could just use a pour over brewer on top of a mug and be done with it. It will work well, could produce delicious coffee, and be hidden away in the cupboard after use until the next time you need to make coffee. You may even be bold enough to brew a pour over into a jug when you have friends over because, does it really matter that it looks sub-par and, in the end, you're all just going to drink it, right?

And that's OK. But... could choose to leave this sleek, modern pour over kit on your counter for your visual pleasure: a contrast between the matte black dripper and stand with the high quality glass carafe. You could enjoy the aesthetic, as well as the coffee, and when friends come by, you'll even be tempted to move it to the table to brew in front of them. With an adjustable height stand, you can even increase the height if you feel the need to brew more into a larger carafe and, to avoid making a mess, you could use the provided glass filter stand to catch any remaining coffee without dripping on the table.

Either way works and we don't judge you for it here at Eight Ounce - we promise. But, if it was us? We like to show off a little.

  • Capacity: 700 ml (23.7 oz)
  • Stainless Steel Stand
  • Heat-resistant glass Server and Holder (Microwave and Dishwasher Safe)
  • Porcelain Brewer (Microwave and Dishwasher Safe)
  • Includes 20 Paper Filters