woud Mercury Wall Lamp, Black $800.00

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Jeanette Holdgaard

Manufacturer: Woud

Materials: LED bulb

Dimensions: 1521mm H, 92mm W, 1097mm L

Why is it Special?

The Mercury light is an art piece on the wall. When the light is on, Mercury glows as a beautiful lunar eclipse. The lamp is mounted on the wall with a shade that covers a circular LED light. On the shade, the indirect light can be dimmed to create a muted atmosphere. With its graphic expression, the lamp creates a work of art whether the light is on or off.

Designed by Jeanette Holdgaard
A talented danish designer and art director at WOUD. With a modern expression in mind, she aims to create graphical and sculptural designs that reflects the perception of the society. She has great attention to the promotion of new design language and the combination of art and design.


*As Woud is based in Europe, all their lamps/electrical items are made to the European standard of 220-230 volts, with a European plug. They are CE-marked which means that they are approved for use in Europe only. We recommend using a 110 to 220 volt adapter, although we still cannot guarantee that it will work perfectly in your home. The difference in voltage may affect the light of the lamp and you will not be able to use a dimmer function. The lamp can also make 'wiring noises' due to the voltage difference. If you alter or rewire the lamp/item in any way, there will be no warranty applicable for the lamp/item and you cannot return it. We suggest you speak with your electrician in order to make the best choice for you and your home!