Menu September Sofa, Black Ash/Light Grey


Designer: Theresa Arns for Menu

Country of Origin: Denmark

Materials: Stained Black Ash Veneer, Cold Foam

Dimensions: L: 33.5", W: 31.5", H: 78.1", SH: 14.6"

Colour: Black Ash/Light Grey Melange

Why is it Special?

The Septembre series solves an age-old conundrum of sofa design: while fully-upholstered sofas are comfortable, they often look boxy and inelegant. More structured sofas are aesthetically pleasing yet are seldom made for relaxation. The Septembre Sofa harmonizes elements of each style. The refined bentwood arms and backrest give structure while inviting seating cushions provide maximum comfort. A sofa of beautiful proportions, Septembre’s stately yet intimate aesthetic gives it a contemporary feel. The sofa, with its high backrest, looks as good behind as the front – ideal for standing freely in a room, creating a separate, enclosed area.