Muuto Set table lamp, Silver $1,395.00

Manufacturer: Muuto

Designer: Jamie Wolfond (Toronto)

Material: The lamp body and shade are in anodized aluminum. The underside of the shade is powder-coated aluminum. Bulb included. 

Height: 38 cm / 15", Diameter: 34 cm / 13", Cord length: 250 cm / 99"

With its distinctive blend of industrial and sculptural design, the Set Lamp features an upward-facing light that shines through an aluminum shade, emitting a bright yet indirect glow. The lamp's adjustable shade height, facilitated by threads on the body, allows for a tactile rotation and enables personalized changes in angle and light intensity. This unique lamp exudes character and seamlessly blends into a variety of spaces—whether placed on the floor, windowsills, sideboards, or any preferred location—making a bold statement as a distinctive centrepiece.According to the designer: 

"I think there's a social element to it, especially in a bigger space, being able to create your own zone without affecting the whole. It is very bright, especially for a bounce light, so it creates a very different atmosphere when it's up versus down."

Light can be controlled using the inline dimmer or rotating the lamp shade. Dimmable, integrated, and non-user replaceable LED light designed for Right to Repair means that only an electrician can replace the light source. Lumen: 800lm on 100: brightness. Lumen Maintenance (80%) :

50.000h. Kelvin: 2700K. CRI >90.