Ferm Living Abstract Rug, Small, Brown/Off white $478.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Ferm Living

Dimensions: W: 80 x H: 120 x D: 4 cm

Materials: 90% Hand-knotted New Zealand Wool. 10% Cotton

Why is it Special?

Owing to its sculptural pattern and rich, hand knotted wool, the Abstract Rug makes an elegant statement piece for the floor or wall. Made from soft New Zealand wool in calming, earthy nuances, the rug also has a tactile and serene expression that calms the senses.

Please be aware that this rug does not come with a wall mounting solution. To mount the rug on your desired wall, we recommend hammering two thin nails through each top corner of the rug, but please consider the specific type of wall you are working with and seek professional advice if necessary.

Care instructions: Vacuum clean regularly. Professional carpet cleaning if needed.