woud Haak Hook, Dark Grey Painted Metal and Solid Oak $129.00

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Rikke Frost

Manufacturer: Woud

Material: Solid white pigmented oak and painted metal, Mounting: Metal bracket, screws included.

Dimensions: Height: 9 cm, Width: 8 cm, Depth: 4.3 cm

Why is it Special?


With its round shape and simple design, Haak combines both beauty and functionality. The combination of the strong metal hook and the soft oak creates an elegant solution for hangers, bags or jackets. The clean lines in the outline of the hook make it ideal for the hallway or bedroom.

Designed by Rikke Frost. Since 2014, Rikke Frost has driven her own creative studio in Aarhus based on Nordic simplicity. With a profound love for matching materials and great attention to details, Rikke Frost creates designs that should be seen, felt and touched.