Stelton AJ French Press, Stainless, 1L $219.00

Manufacturer: Stelton (Denmark)

Desginer: Arne Jacobsen

Materials:  Steel

Dimensions: Ø: 15,9 CM H: 20 CM

Why is it Special?

Arne Jacobsen’s french press coffee maker is elegant and functional. Double-walled to retain heat, so the taste and temperature is just right once the coffee has infused and the plunger has been pressed. The coffee maker has a capacity of 8 cups, perfect for those early mornings!

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) is one of the most acknowledged Danish architects and designers worldwide. With an astounding curiosity, originality and creativity Arne Jacobsen played an important role in modernism and the Danish design history and present-day designers are still highly influenced by his works.