ArchitectMade ArchitectMade Dog, Bobby $181.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Hans B ølling

Manufacturer: ArchitectMade

Materials: walnut & leather

Dimensions: H 13cm

Why is it Special?


Designed with Hans Bølling’s characteristic humour, Bobby can be arranged to imitate everything a normal dog can do. From sitting to begging to playing or crawling, his personality shines through, making him a joyful companion for everyday (without having to take him out for a walk!).

Bobby was the name of the dog that lived in Bølling’s childhood home in 1931. He has been handcrafted from walnut and features smooth, rounded forms and exaggerated leather ears. Bobby is cute and elegant, making him a charming addition to a desktop or display area.

- 20th Century Design Icon
- Authentic Licensed Design
- Made in Denmark

- H 13cm

- Crafted from walnut and leather