ArchitectMade ArchitectMade Panda, Small $209.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Bjarke Ingels

Manufacturer: ArchitectMade

Materials: walnut & maple

Dimensions: H 10 x L 9 x W 7 cm

Why is it Special?

Upon the arrival of two giant pandas, Copenhagen Zoo asked BIG to create a home for them. The layout and configuration seek to create ideal mating conditions. The layout mimics the yin-yang symbol that in Chinese philosophy represents opposite but balanced forces within a circle. 

ArchitectMade has created two panda ornaments, one large, one small, to honour the occasion. Beautifully crafted from walnut and maple wood, each panda has moveable arms and legs, the large panda can also hold a pencil or pen.  The upper body rotates on the lower body and the arms and legs are moveable.

These delightful pandas make the most wonderful ornaments.