Van Special Rubeena Ratcliffe Painting, Copper Playhouse, 50" x 38" $5,200.00

Acrylic on Canvas.

Framed in light oak. 50" x 38" (Can be hung portrait or landscape)

RUBEENA RATCLIFFE (b. 1982) creates narrative paintings that often focus on the solitary female protagonist. In these intimate spacial portraits, Ratcliffe captures the figure immersed in  various mundane pursuits and moments of deep reflection, between themes of tedious/monotonous  versus spiritual/imaginative. Her paintings uncover hidden narratives and conjure dreamlike spaces, often within the interior domestic sphere.

With a background in architecture, Ratcliffe  paints with an acute awareness from the female gaze, employing deeply colourful hues and nuanced details with her use of hatch work. She received her Masters of Architecture  from  Dalhousie University and has studied and worked in Canada, United States, India and the Netherlands. Ratcliffe lives and works in Vancouver with her husband and three young children.

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