Normann-Copenhagen Curve Mini Hooks - 2 pcs, Matte Silver $48.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Peter Johansen

Materials: Anodized aluminum

Dimensions: H: 5.8 x W: 2.1 x D: 3 cm

Why is it special?

Let your guests be welcomed by a series of beautiful, functional Curve hooks with a Nordic look when they enter your home.

The Curve hook has a classic, immediate and intuitive shape like a hook. With a simple j-shape, the wooden hook has a classic, uncomplicated design. The designer's interpretation of the iconic hook makes Curve intuitively easy to use. The oversized design gives the hook a warm and humorous look. Let the Curve hooks contribute a Nordic, clean look to your hallway, kitchen or bathroom decor.

Create a graphic element on the wall with a single hook, several in a row or set up in a pattern. Mix and match the two different sizes and the wide range of different colours, ranging from natural ash wood to electric blue and a selection of metallic shades. You can also delight the children with their own hook at child height. 

Peter Johansen graduated in 2004 from Denmark's Design Academy with a degree in furniture and interior design. His work often involves modeling and 1:1 scale, and is inspired by everyday life and his surroundings. Peter Johansen himself says that his projects are characterized by logic and often flirt with the trivial. As the son of a Norwegian father and a Swedish mother, and raised in Denmark, Peter is thoroughly Scandinavian."Scandinavian in spirit, modern in expression", is how Peter Johansen describes his design.