Normann-Copenhagen Dim Linear Lamp US, Black $2,242.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Rudolph Schelling Webermann

Materials: Aluminium, Steel, ABS plastic

Dimensions: H: 9 x L: 155.5 x D: 6 cm

Why is it Special?

Dim Linear Lamp is a versatile pendant lamp that uses LED technology to adjust brightness and color temperature, providing both focused and atmospheric light. The design enables the light to illuminate both the areas above and below the lamp. The light can be adjusted via the integrated buttons at both ends of the design or via a remote control.

Dim Linear lamp is designed by the multidisciplinary design and innovation studio RSW (Rudolph Schelling Webermann). Inspired by the changing role of dining tables in modern homes, the Dim Linear Lamp meets the various activities and lighting needs of today's families. Recognizing that dining tables are no longer only used for meals, but have become gathering points for various activities, RSW has developed a concept that offers versatile lighting options in modern homes, with a pendant lamp that offers flexibility and functionality.

With LED technology as a focal point, the Dim Linear Lamp allows users to adjust both brightness and color temperature to suit different moods, with the need for everything from cozy lighting to a productive environment. The lamp's carefully designed shape, made of aluminum for increased durability, illuminates both upwards and downwards, thus highlighting both the ceiling and at the same time emitting pleasant lighting below. The integrated aluminum buttons are elegantly incorporated as decorative details in the design, and at the same time offer a technical function that enables easy control of the light and provides a tactile user experience. In addition, the brightness and color temperature can also be controlled via a remote control.