Normann-Copenhagen Edge Coffee Table Small, Travertine $1,674.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Dimensions: H: 43 x W: 45 x D: 45 cm

Materials: Travertine

Why is it Special? 

Edge is a coffee table that consists solely of travertine slabs in different sizes, assembled in a simple, geometric construction. A minimalistic design where the material is the main focus. Edge Coffee Table comes in two different sizes. 

Edge is designed with minimalistic design principles for a timeless, yet captivating expression. The table is crafted from 100% travertine, an interesting and timeless material distinguished by its extraordinary structure and unique patterns. To minimize unnecessary waste, Edge is designed to utilize the way the travertine material is sourced. The natural stone is quarried from a travertine quarry, then cut into slabs of different sizes. Edge Coffee Table consists entirely of square travertine slabs in varying sizes, assembled in a simple, geometric construction. This way, the different slabs are used to make the most of the material.

The geometric construction of the table casts intriguing shadows and infuses the design with a dynamic expression. Edge is characterized by minimalistic, clean lines, a complementary contrast to the dynamic play and organic look of the natural material. In total, a simple design that shines light on the natural travertine stone and possesses an extraordinary ability to fit seamlessly into any interior.