Muuto Fiber Side Chair, Swivel Base, Black/Black $659.00

Manufacturer: Muuto


Dimensions: H: 30.3" x W 18.7" x D 20.9"

Materials: Plastic Composite, Powder Coated Steel

Why is it Special?

The Fiber Chair Family brings a new perspective on the iconic shell chair through its shell in an innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers for a uniquely deep surface and soft, matte touch. Though invisible to the eye from afar, the details of the wood fibers are revealed when viewing the design up-close.

The Fiber Side Chair brings a new perspective to the iconic shell chair through its innovative composite of plastic and wood fibers. Non-upholstered variants of the Fiber Side Chair are made from a combination of recycled plastic (min. 80% is recycled) and FSC™ (FSC-C028824) certified wood fibers. The wood fibers blend into the surface for a matte finish and add a soft, inviting touch. The Fiber Side Chair is designed with friendly, embracing curves that provide extensive comfort to its user while taking up little space in the room. Please note that Fiber Chair variants with recycled plastic will be available in North America by Fall 2022.

The Fiber Chair without upholstery uses a minimum of 80% recycled plastic. By substituting at least 80% of the virgin plastic in the production of its shell, we minimize the use of new material, instead of reusing existing material a second time around.

The Fiber Chair Family is an essential part of our product portfolio. Transforming our production of it is, therefore, an ambitious starting point in becoming more circular in our consumption of raw material. In fact, by switching to recycled plastic we expect to save more than more than 80 tons of virgin plastic in 2023.

So why not 100% recycled plastic? 

Well, the answer is rather simple. 

Recycled plastic is often of a lower strength grade. This is due to re-granulation of the material — when plastic is recycled, it is cut into smaller pieces in order to be able to mold new parts out of it. The cutting weakens the strength of the plastic.

To ensure that the design is long-lasting, virgin plastic with strength improving additives are combined with the recycled material, enabling high durability.

To us it is a reasonable trade-off — creating a highly durable chair that will last for years to come, still using at least 80% recycled plastic. We believe that this will impact the environment less than creating a more frail chair with a shorter lifespan made in 100% recycled plastic.

Creating a long-lasting design is not only about durability and strength but also the longevity of its aesthetics. The amount of color pigment needed depends on the initial color of the recycled plastic. The initial color of recycled plastic is often a range of grayish tones. To add color to the material, virgin plastic is used as a carrier of pigment. The more color pigment needed the higher amount of virgin plastic needed.

The unique colorway and shape of the Fiber Chair Family are truly emblematic of its design. We have developed a recycled plastic material that allows us to create products with the same iconic Muuto colors, design and durability – all while keeping a significant percentage of recycled matter in each seat.

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