Normann-Copenhagen Flow Table Lamp US, Black $708.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Andreas Kowalewski

Materials: Powder-coated steel and zinc, LED

Dimensions: H: 42 x L: 58 x D: 16 cm

Why is it Special?

Flow is a modular LED table lamp with flexible positioning created by designer Andreas Kowalewski. The Flow table lamp has a simple and flexible design language, where all the lamp's parts grow effortlessly into each other, like branches on a tree.

"I was driven by the idea of ​​creating an LED table lamp that exudes lightness and agility. With Flow, I wanted to create a lamp that, through its minimal and slim form, expresses the immanent quality of being an easily usable light source for the desk", says Andreas Kowalewski.

Flow is ideal as a desk lamp at home or in professional office environments, where the sculptural design provides optimal flexibility in lighting even large desks. 

Born and raised in Berlin, Andreas Kowalewski began his career with an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker and subsequently studied industrial design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. After graduating in 2006, he developed products, furniture and lighting for some of the leading design companies. In 2012, Andreas established his studio in Amsterdam, where he works on various design solutions that cover the entire design process.

Andreas Kowalewski's work is strongly influenced by his passion for experimenting with materials, construction principles and innovative technologies. He is driven by an ambition to create design solutions that are meaningful, reduce complexities and minimize material use as much as possible.

"I constantly search for pure forms and details, and for the perfection of objects that are well designed. Meaningful objects with quality craftsmanship that inspire people's imaginations."