ArchitectMade Flow Vase, Bubble $200.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Vibeke Rytter

Manufacturer: ArchitectMade

Materials: Porcelain

Teardrop Vase : W9,33 H30,60 cm
Drop Vase: W10,50 H17,20 cm
Bubble Vase: W14,20 H17,00 cm

Why is it Special? 

Inspired by the brick structure of Grundtvig’s Church in Copenhagen, a rare example of expressionist architecture in Denmark, and the ripples in the nearby lakes, Vibeke Rytter created Flow. With distinct lines, Flow invites a play of lights and shadows, creating the illusions of water ripples.

Available in different sizes and shapes. Place Flow peacefully alone, or together to add movement.

Vibeke Rytter is an architect, designer, ceramic artist, and researcher. Rytter has received several awards and design prizes over the decades. Her works are being represented in esteemed museums around the world – one permanently exhibited in Design Museum, Denmark.