Normann-Copenhagen Fyr Stool, Dark Brown $350.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Dimensions: H: 45 x W: 39,5 x Ø: 40 cm

Materials: Stained Lacquered Pine

Why is it Special?

Fyr Stool is an equally decorative and versatile stool. The stool can be used as additional seating, as a side table, a pedestal for a lamp or vase or as a bedside table. Taking its name from the Danish word for pine, Fyr is crafted from 100% solid pine wood. 

Fyr Stool is designed with an emphasis on simplicity and quality. Meticulously crafted from solid pine, Fyr is a minimalist design infused with subtle details. Fyr’s versatile design makes it ideal for numerous uses such as additional seating, as a side table, a display table or even a decorative sculpture.

The Fyr Stool is named after the Danish word for pine, emphasizing the material’s unique character and durability. The combination of square and round elements creates a perfectly balanced design that exudes strength and elegance. Striving to create a stool that is both practical, simple and intriguing, designer Yuchen Wu explored numerous sketches before arriving at the final design. Of the design process, Yuchen says: “When designing something as simple as a stool, the challenge is to make it uncomplicated and practical, but still interesting. The result is a well-balanced combination of sturdiness, simplicity and detail, that at the same time allows the pine material to take center stage.”