Normann-Copenhagen Grant Pendant Ø45 US, Black $1,148.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Materials: Granite, metal

Dimensions: H: 29 x Ø: 45 cm

Why is it Special?

Pendant lamps in two sizes offer ample opportunity to illuminate rooms of different sizes and character. The large pendant is perfect for lighting in your living room, entrance hall or above your dining table, either alone or in combination with other lamps from the Grant series. The diffuser glass makes it possible to hang the pendants high without them dazzling.

A base of granite with a thunder gray mix of minerals forms the mood-setting starting point for the Grant series. In a symphony of contrasts, the elegant volcanic stone is paired with polished metals, composing a refined and balanced design. Grant arises from the aesthetic interplay between metallic luster and dusty granular depth.

The series' ensemble of lamps for wall mounting, ceiling, floor and table has an inherent classic quality and a broad stylistic appeal. Lampshades with a tight, rounded silhouette, inspired by Copenhagen's iconic street lighting, appear across the series' models and are accompanied by slender arms in soft and airy compositions.

There is a sense of recognizability in the simple shapes and graceful statures, while the smoothness of unbroken curves and the unusual combination of materials give the design a modern clarity and immediate freshness. Grant is the consummate timeless lighting range, equally at home in intimate spaces as well as grand halls.

A ball joint connects lampshades and arms, and makes it possible to adjust the lampshade in all directions. The arms of the wall lamps can be adjusted sideways. All lamps in the series have a replaceable LED light source with diffuser glass. The floor lamp, table lamp and wall lamps come with dimmers, while the series' two pendants are dimmer compatible. Comes with fabric cord.