Normann-Copenhagen Hat Lamp Linear Small USHat Lamp Linear Small US, Black $870.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Materials: Aluminium, Steel, Acrylic (PMMA)

Dimensions: H: 6 x W: 9 x L: 115 cm

Why is it Special?

Hat is a linear lamp with a distinctive design. 
The lamp is available in two different sizes, which consist of three or four conical lampshades, each equipped with spots that emit a pleasant, direct light. The lamps can be adjusted to the desired atmosphere by changing the brightness or color temperature via two buttons located on the top of the lamp.

Hat is named after its recognizable silhouette. Common to the collection, which includes both pendants and linear lamps in varying sizes, is the conical shape of the lampshades, which shoot a generous cone of direct light down from each lamp. The design is simple and rigorous and gives a quite intuitive indication of how the light is emitted. A column of light spreads as an extension of the lamps' shades, and bears witness to the design process, where the functional has paved the way for the design.

The linear version, Hat Lamp Linear, comes in two different sizes and consists of either three or four spots. This creates a continuous line of light that floats in the air and makes the lamp suitable as lighting above a dining table or over a kitchen. A particularly functional detail of the linear lamp is the ability to control the brightness and color of the light using multifunctional LED technology. This makes it possible to adjust the shade of the light to the desired environment and mood. From a pleasant warm light for cozy moments to a sharper, productive lighting suitable for work environments, the Hat Linear Lamp offers something for every need. The light is adjusted in strength and shade using two discreet buttons located under the base of the lamp.