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Manufacturer: NUDE

Designer: Brad Ascalon

Dimensions:  Set of 2, Capacity: 425 cc, Height: 155 mm, Diameter: 75.5 mm

Materials: Material glass: Lead-free crystal, Metal top

Why is it Special? 

From the exquisitely stylish NUDE Hepburn collection, these coupe glasses make a bold yet elegant statement. Created by Brad Ascalon and crafted from pure lead-free crystal, this set combines classic forms and traditional glassmaking technique with the designer’s modern, conceptual aesthetic.

Design is at the heart of NUDE. Their portfolio of glassware is designed by a pool of leading international talents. NUDE is always at the forefront of innovative ideas and develops dynamic collaborations with a wide roster of artists and designers. NUDE prides itself on being brave, non-conformist, and individual, our products delivering a level of quality and imagination that is unparalleled.

The mastery and craftsmanship of handmade glass is a signature of NUDE. NUDE prides itself in its artisanal approach to glassware, specialising in handmade, pure crystalline glass, be the pieces blown, or press-blown. With 350 Master blowers, NUDE continues to handmake much of the world’s most acclaimed glassware.