Normann-Copenhagen Illu Mirror 65 x 50 cm US $958.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Materials: Glass mirror, PMMA (acrylic), powder-coated steel

Dimensions: H: 65 x L: 50 x D: 5 cm

Why is it Special?

Illu is an eye-catching mirror characterized by a distinctive wavy frame with built-in dimmable LED light. The unique design makes Illu an equally decorative and functional mirror for any room in the home. Illu Mirror is available in three different sizes.

Illu is a breathtaking mirror design characterized by its unique, wavy frame and built-in, dimmable LED lights. An eye-catching design that combines decorative and functional elements, making it a refined addition to any room in the home. Illu offers an unusual mirror with a playful expression and a fascinating frame that illuminates the mirror itself and adds character and finesse to the design. The twisted frame is designed with a certain thickness to make room for the integrated light, which ensures the perfect illuminating atmosphere. When the light is turned on, the frame transforms into a source of light and offers a special character that transforms and enchants the mirror. 

Illu is inspired by the beautiful glow emitted by traditional dressing room mirrors with built-in light bulbs in a modern and versatile interpretation that will fit perfectly in any hallway, toilet area, bedroom or as a sculptural object in the living room, where it will enrich the room with its captivating presence.