FDB Moebler J80 Dining Chair, Black/oak $869.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Jørgen Bækmark 

Manufacturer: FDB

Dimensions: 19.69" W x 19.72" D x 32.28" H | Seat: 17.72" H x 15.75" D
(50 x 50.1 x 82 | 45 x 40 cm)

Materials: Solid Oak, Wicker Weave 

Why is it Special?


This wicker series by the renowned FDB designer Jorgen Baekmark comprises several pieces of furniture, including the classic and iconic J80 dining chair. The chair harkens back to the golden age of FDB Mobler in the 1950s, but has survived to this day on account of its elegant and timeless look. Very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, because it is made entirely of high-quality materials, from the wickerwork to the solid wood. The chair matches the C28 dining table and the J83B bench, which also has a wicker seat. 

Jørgen Bækmark (b. 1929) is responsible for several pieces of iconic Danish furniture. From 1958 and nine years onwards, he headed FDB Møbler’s design studio where he helped make design-led furniture affordable for everyone. Based on the tradition of Danish design, his furniture is distinguished by a beautiful, calm style and sound craftsmanship with an eye for detail. His furniture exudes unique harmony, exemplified by his classic dining chairs J80 and J81. Perhaps most importantly, Jørgen Bækmark has always endeavoured to make furniture that is comfortable to sit in, and he is still designing furniture for FDB with this in mind today.