mark krebs MK Rose Garden carpet, 4'6" x 6'9" $369.00

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Manufacturer: Mark Krebs (Toronto)

Desginer: Hand-Woven in Northern India

Materials:  80% Indian wool (the weft)  20% Undyed cotton (the warp)  100% of the materials used to make ROSE GARDEN are natural, which means the colors and patterns in your rug will be slightly different from your friend’s, for example.

Dimensions: 4'6" x 6'9"

Why is it Special?

Mark Krebs Inc. is a Toronto-based company that collaborates with producers and craftspeople around the world to bring animated, everyday objects into our homes, at a sensible price.

This rug was hand-woven in Northern India before finding its way to your floor. Its softness makes it ideal for lounging, laying, and elevating you off the ground.

ROSE GARDEN is a Kilim rug. Kilim is the name for a thin, flat, tapestry-woven, graphic style rug. It is made by weaving the horizontal yarn (weft) through vertical yarn (warp). The rug is woven so tightly that the warp is barely visible. This makes for a very durable rug, that can handle weight and movement.