Goodbeast Pebble Vase 8" White $240.00

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Designer: Good Beast

Country of Origin: Canada

Manufacturer: Good Beast

Materials: Glass, the intensity of the color may fluctuate slightly.

Dimensions:  8" H

Why is it Special?

Goodbeast's Pebble bud vase is uniquely crafted from freeform colored glass, which yields a one-of-a-kind aesthetic in each piece. Drawing from our Summit & Boulder series, the Pebble has been designed for simpler displays and propagation. Our new available sizes allow for a more complicated composition or centre piece. 

The Pebble bud vase is designed to add subtle uniqueness and elegance to any space. Each piece is hand-crafted from colored glass, with sizes and colors available to fit any decor need. Additionally, the glossy and matte finishes of the glass are derived from a protective, olive oil coating for added decorative allure.

Goodbeast is a design studio based in Vancouver that is dedicated to creating beautiful, sustainable pieces that are unique and heartfelt. The studio is owned and operated by Jesse and Tyler Archibald, who are passionate about their craft and committed to using environmentally responsible materials and practices.

Their hot glass studio is a hub of creativity and community, where each piece is made with care and attention to detail. Goodbeast uses as much recycled glass and reusable materials as possible and has developed an eco-friendly glass melting furnace to reduce their impact on the environment.

The team at Goodbeast values simplicity and individuality in their designs, which are crafted with an emphasis on handmade beauty and uniqueness. Each piece is distinctive and made with an eye for detail, resulting in items that feel alive and resonate with the spirit.