Normann-Copenhagen Phantom Lamp Medium US $2,315.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Materials: Flame retardant resin and steel frame.

Dimensions: H: 44 x Ø: 80 cm

Why is it Special?

The lamp is constructed by spraying flame retardant resin material onto a steel frame. 
Many layers of threads make up the lampshade in the same way that a silkworm forms its cocoon.

Phantom is a series of voluminous lamps made of a special semi-transparent resin material. Archetypes of classic chandeliers have formed the inspiration for the lamps' dramatic silhouettes, which in the ivory white veil take on a soft, iconic expression.

The lamps are constructed of a steel skeleton, around which the elastic resin is sprayed in dense threads, like a silkworm forming its cocoon. In the enveloping cover, the outline of the lamp emerges as an enigmatic delineation of the original form. The lamps emit an indirect, diffused light, which creates a warm and atmospheric lighting.