Normann-Copenhagen Pix Lamp Ceiling Ø45 cm US $695.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Materials: 100% Low density polyethylene industrial waste

Dimensions: H: 48 x Ø: 45 cm

Why is it Special?

The Pix lamp collection has a timeless shape and an eye-catching, pixelated surface made from 100% recycled plastic waste. Pix Lamp Ceiling/Wall comes with a canopy in silver painted steel that can be mounted on either walls or ceiling surfaces and installed directly to the socket or using a power cord via a hole on the side. External power cord and light source not included.

Characterized by its timeless silhouette, the Pix collection has fascinated design enthusiasts with its composition of recycled plastic waste and unique, pixelated expressions. The lampshades are made by mixing and granulating plastic waste in various shades of white, which results in an eye-catching texture and color composition. This resource-conscious production process enables a circular life cycle. The Pix Lamp's material thickness gives it an opaque appearance when the light is off, and transforms it into a translucent design with a moon-like expression when the design is switched on. The light radiating from the bulb beautifully highlights the grained structure of the lampshade and creates an enchanting atmosphere.

The ceiling and wall versions of Pix come with a silver-painted steel canopy that makes installation easy on both walls and ceilings. They can be easily connected directly to the power outlet or via a power cable through a hole on the side of the canopy. With this expansion, the collection now includes two smaller variants with a diameter of 20 and 30 cm, suitable for use as both ceiling and wall lamps. In addition, two larger versions with diameters of 45 and 60 cm, which are exclusively recommended for use in the ceiling.

 Pix Lamp's minimalist design and versatile sizes make it perfect for any decor, from private homes over kitchen and dining tables to corners of living rooms, sophisticated hallways and commercial environments such as restaurants, hotel lobbies and department stores. Its charismatic glow and distinctive presence blend naturally with the surroundings and add a simultaneously cozy and stylish expression.