Gejst Reech Step Ladder, Black/Brass $525.00

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Gejst

Dimensions: unfolded: H72 x W40 x L58 cm, The highest step is 45cm high.

Materials: Ash, Steel

Why is it Special?


Reech is a timeless and multi-purpose stepladder that will make a positive functional and aesthetic addition to any home that appreciates durable quality design. The stepladder is practical, both in function and design, and is created to make everyday life easier and more beautiful. Reech comes with a practical bracket that lets you hang it on the wall or inside a closet. That way it can be tucked away out of sight when it is not in use without taking up any floor space. The wall bracket is hidden behind the top step, which almost gives the illusion that Reach is floating in the air, magically held in place against the wall.

Gejst was founded in 2013 with a passion for making attractive, sustainable design that will last the test of time.
Gejst means excitement and enthusiasm in English. From the start, the goal of the company has been to challenge traditional approaches to design to make a collection full of bold and playful objects. Each bringing an instant attraction and passion that’s hard to explain but easy to feel.
Focusing on functional design and high quality materials, Gejst takes a normal product, looks at the need to be fulfilled, then strips it down to come up with something thrilling. Multifunctional and thought through to the smallest detail, you decide the final design and how it will be used.
Each design is a testament to this approach and it is our way of bringing gejst into homes all around the world.