Normann-Copenhagen Sculp Coffee Table Small, Brown Stained Ash $1,910.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Simon Legald

Dimensions: H: 39 x L: 65 x D: 45,5 cm

Materials: Stained Ash

Why is it Special?

Sculp is a sculptural coffee table that captures attention with its flowing and organic silhouette. The gracefully curved shape creates a striking contrast to the materials used, which consist of carefully crafted, straight planks of solid ash wood. With a desire for a free and imperfect design, the shape was hand-drawn. The result is a design characterized by its imperfect lines, evident in the dynamic contours of the tabletop and the unconventional yet appealing elliptical table legs.

Sculp is made of 100% solid ash wood and exudes exceptional craftsmanship. The table is available in two sizes: A smaller variant and a larger version, each with three and four precisely balanced table legs, respectively. The smaller version serves as a graceful companion to the larger one, effortlessly sliding underneath the big table as both a practical and visually harmonious side table. The use of solid ash wood, carefully stained with a sophisticated deep brown shade, further enhances Sculp's allure and radiates an aura of refined elegance.