Tivoli Songbook Bluetooth Speaker, Cream/Brown $599.00

Designer: Henry Kloss

Manufacturer: Tivoli Audio

Country of Origin: USA/China

Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 5 in

Why is it Special?

Vancouver Special is your best source for Tivoli Audio products - we offer the entire range and are the largest retailer in western Canada. Tivoli is world-renowned for their stylish good looks, as well as their excellent audio performance and radio reception. One of the unique features is the analog dial, which allow you to precisely tune into your favourite radio stations. 

The SongBooks mix timeless designs with modern functionality to give a listening experience like no other. They exude a retro charm with its analog user experience complete with toggle switches, EQ sliders, and tuning knobs. The carry handle and durable frame make it a perfect portable device. The high-gloss finish brings a refinement that make it perfect for any space, any situation, and any style.

The powerful amp design and multi-driver configuration delivers an exceptional sound experience that fills any space. Entertaining in home or hosting outdoors, it offers rich bass and impressive full range, that can play loud while balanced. With analog EQ, you have control over the audio output, allowing you to shape your sound.