Black Sheep White Light Steel Icelandic Sheepskin $275.00

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Country of Origin: Iceland

Material: Sheepskin

Dimensions: 44-48" x 30-36" x 4-6" wool lengths. Note: Measurements are approximate, taken from the wool side

Why is it Special?

These sheepskins are beautiful, unbelievably soft, and eco-friendly. Perfect for draping over your favourite chair, as a throw for the bed, or on the floor as a carpet. 

The processing of these sheepskin conforms to strict EU directives concerning environmental preservation and protection — no chromium or bleaches were used in the tanning process. The tanning agents used are supplied by a company awarded full certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Actual product may differ from the images shown due to natural variation. Color varies naturally from midnight black to rusty black.

All of the hides and pelts are bio-degradable.