Normann-Copenhagen Superpose Lamp US, White $870.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Frederik Kurzweg

Materials: Powder Coated Steel

Dimensions: Height :53 cm, Diameter : 30 cm

Why is it Special?

Superpose is the name of a new sculptural statement lamp by designer Frederik Kurzweg for Normann Copenhagen. The lamp consists of three bent and rounded, perforated steel sheets, which are concentrically arranged around each other, shifted at a precise 180-degree angle. Through the superimposition of the geometrical shapes it forms an impressive, sculptural appearance that changes with the viewer‘s position.This effect is emphasized by the perforated patterns making the surfaces seem more or less semitransparent. The accurately balanced proportions of the bent layers decrease towards the center of the lamp and the overlaying sheets build changing patterns by the intriguing moiré principle.

Designer Frederik Kurzweg first made his mark during his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker and has received several design awards for his unique handmade journeyman’s piece. Motivated by this early success, Frederik chose to pursue a career within design – first at Magdeburg, where he studied industrial design followed by a Master’s degree in furniture design at The University of Fine Arts in Hamburg.

After graduating, Frederik Kurzweg established his own design studio, Frederik Kurzweg Design Studio, where his designs balance fine craftsmanship and extensive knowledge on materials with contemporary aesthetics. Frederik gets his inspiration for his designs from everyday objects or constructions – a column of a bridge or a stack of pipes on a construction site. For Frederik, the design process often starts with studying the material and its characteristics.

”I seek to consciously and sensibly transform materials into a useful and durable product. Each material has its own characteristics and advantages which you have to acknowledge. In addition to the proportions and colors, the craftsmanship plays a very important part.”