Normann-Copenhagen Tub Lamp Ø44 US, White $972.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Hans Thyge & Co

Materials: Lacquered or powder-coated aluminium

Dimensions: H: 21.5 x Ø: 44 cm

Why is it special?

Tub is a lamp collection with three pendants and a wall lamp in a simple design. The elegant transition from lampshade to cord makes the design appear as a single unit. The lamp shade for the wall lamp is held by an aluminum arm and has free movement in all directions.

Why is it Special?

The Tub Lamp collection is designed with a universal and simple design. The lamps are characterized by clean, contemporary lines, which give the lamps a timeless aesthetic, which makes them suitable for a variety of interiors and surroundings.

The tub lamp's design elegantly combines inspiration from nature with the minimalist aesthetic characterized by Nordic design. The lamp's generous shade takes the lead role in the design, which, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, encapsulates the light and emits a pleasant, uniform glow. The references to nature's organic forms are evident in the smooth transition between lampshade and cord. The slightly curved top of the lampshade seems to grow into a stem from which the cord elegantly emerges – a decorative detail that draws references from the silhouette of an apple or other of nature's many fruits and plants. Cable and stem seem to grow together, making the lamp and cord appear as one coherent unit. The Tub wall lamp has the same characteristic features as its pendant sibling. The lampshade is held by an elegant aluminum arm, which enables the same stem-inspired design as the pendant lamps. For extra flexibility, the wall lamp has free movement in all directions.